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    If you are looking for houses for sale Odin IL, then look no further! Odin is a village of 935 in Marion County, IL. The village was named after the god of war and the dead in Germanic mythology and was incorporated as a town in 1865 and adopted the village format of government in 1874. Odin is located 65 miles from St. Louis on U.S. Highway 50 and was founded due to its location at the intersection of two major railroads, the Atlantic, Mississippi, and Ohio Railroad and the Illinois Central Railroad. This is where most of the small, independent stores are located. Salem, the county seat, is located 6 miles to the east and has a variety of bigger stores including an IGA and Walmart. Odin has two separate school buildings, one housing students in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th and a high school.

    Odin was home to the Odin Coal Mine from 1899 until 1938. The mine holds a national safety record of operating without a fatal accident from 1907 to 1936. It employed 200 men at the height of production. Three of its most notable residents were baseball players from 1911 to 1954 (Chuck Hawley, Grover Lowdermilk, and Lou Lowdermilk). The other notable resident was Paul Farthing, who served as Chief Justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, from 1937-1938.

    Homes for Sale Odin IL

    Need To List Your Property In Odin IL? Look No Further.

    It is a buyer’s market in Odin! If you are looking for houses for sale Odin IL, then you need to call Quinn Realty! From 90 acres of wooded land to a six-bedroom house, you can find everything right now in Odin. But not everyone is getting their asking price for their house. That is why you need Quinn Realty and Property Management Group to help you with all your buying and selling needs. As the owner and designated managing broker, Cindy Quinn will lead you home by making sure your house is priced fairly and you get every penny you deserve from your home quickly so you can buy the home of your dreams. As your selling agent, Cindy will help you find the low-priced diamonds in the rough. Small houses, large houses with land, infill lots in the city and large lots in the country- Odin has it all!

    Cindy can also help you find land that is your own little slice of heaven to hunt on, farm, or build a new home. Land sales are the biggest part of Cindy’s portfolio because there is so much of it around Odin! If living off the Earth is the life you want to live, or if you just want somewhere close to get away and slow down on the weekend, Quinn Realty and Property Management Group will find the acreage you need and tell you what wildlife has been spotted recently.

    Our property management team will take care of all the daily tasks, including screening potential tenants, writing and renewing leases, collecting rent, routine repairs and maintenance (including landscaping and snow removal), and marketing, whether your investment property is one house, an apartment complex, a strip mall, or an office park.

    They will always put your interests first

    We have no hidden fees and will let you know what types of fees (flat or per item) will be charged in addition to the percentage or rent and what is included in them as part of your contract with us. You can tell us if you want us to take over all the responsibility or if there are some aspects (vetting tenants, landscaping, etc.) you want to remain in charge of managing. We will communicate with you when major decisions need to be made, such as evictions, insurance claims, etc.

    From your initial phone call wanting to buy or sell a home until the day you move in or out, Cindy will make sure everything is perfect, whether she is helping you buy or sell houses for sale Odin IL– or both! She will show you multiple houses and give you the pros and cons of each one before letting you tell her which one to make an offer on. Cindy loves repeat customers and when satisfied customers refer her to their friends looking to buy or sell their home. Home is where the heart is, and Cindy will make sure your heart is happy for a long time in your new home and that whoever buys your old home loves it as much as you did.

    Quinn Realty and Property Management Group will lead you home by unlocking doors one key at a time. Call (618) 548-KEYS.