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Looking For Information on Local Schools in the Area?

Local Schools

We are working on compiling a list of local schools in the area for anyone interested in moving to the area.

Salem Elementary District 111

  • Hawthorn Elementary School is home to Kindergarten through 3rd grade
  • Franklin Park Middle School is next door and houses 4th through 8th grade
  • The district has a total of 940 students

Salem Community High School

Selmaville School District #10

Iuka Consolidate Community School District #7

Kell Grade School

Raccoon Grade School

  • 219 students in grades Pre-K through 8th in Centralia and attend Centralia or Salem High School depending on location.

Odin Public School District #722

Sandoval Elementary

Sandoval High School

Patoka Community School

Centralia School District #135

  • Two elementary schools (Pre-K-3), a middle school (4th and 5th grades) and a junior high (6th through 8th grades) have a combined attendance of 1148 students

Centralia High School District 200

Central City Elementary School District

North WAMAC Grade School

Mount Vernon School District 80

Mount Vernon Township High School

  • Has a main campus and an East Campus for students who have trouble being successful in a traditional high school setting.
  • Approximately 1200 students attend

Woodlawn Unit School District #209

  • Students from Woodlawn attend the Pre-K-8 Elementary School then go to the High School
  • The elementary school has 314 students and the high school has 179 students

Carlyle Community Unit School District #1

  • Serves students from Carlyle, Huey, and Hoffman in grades Pre-K through 12th

Damiansville Elementary District #62

  • Home to 100 students in grades K-8 with a Pre-K “At-risk” program available for those who need extra help getting ready for Kindergarten

South Central School District #401